Ethos Marine Phytoplankton

The Power Packed Nutritional Solution for the 21st Century

An incredible breakthrough in human nutrition has astonished medical experts:

"When you give the body everything it needs to build healthy new cells then you get well."

The answer is so simple; it was staring us in the face all the time!

Have you ever wondered why people who are perfectly healthy at birth go on to suffer critical illnesses or disease, long before they reach the end of their normal natural life span? Medical Doctors now believe inflammation is directly implicated in many of the modern ailments that are causing millions of people pain, disability and premature death.

Inflammation is thought to be caused by constant attack from free radicals and toxins, together with a chemical imbalance in the body. These imbalances (or deficiencies) create physical stress that can lead to damage of the brain, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, muscle tissue, joints and other vital body organs. The average Western diet contains far too much hydrogenated fat, refined carbohydrates and sugar, refined salt, artificial preservatives and white flour. All these 'foods' are totally alien to the human body. For example, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease were quite rare conditions until the turn of the last century. Table salt is considered to be a toxic and dangerous cocktail of chemicals that food manufacturers include in almost all of their processed food. Many health care professionals claim that this total disregard for human health verges on criminal negligence.

We suggest that your body is now crying out for the right nutrients, in sufficient quantities, so that homeostasis (balance) may again be maintained. It's more likely than not, that many of the complex elements you were born with are now missing from your normal daily diet. Marine phytoplankton is the simplest and most natural way to replenish them and begin to bring everything back into balance again.

Contains all the natural goodness from live Marine Phytoplankton

We conserve all of the natural goodness that is contained within live Phytoplankton by freeze-drying it using the highly specialised process of lyophilisation which has many advantages over other freeze-drying methods. The main one being that it maintains the original quality of the phytoplankton and protects the lactic bacteria which would be destroyed by other freeze-drying methods involving heat. Lyophilisation is the process of freeze-drying where the product is kept below freezing point, in a vacuum, when the sublimation (the change from solid to gas without passing the liquid state) process takes place due to reduction in pressure which causes all of the water inside the cells of the Phytoplankton to slowly vaporise. Many foods contain up to 90% water and after this process of lyophilisation they are then ten times lighter and can be stored and stay fresh without the need for refrigeration. It can then easily be re-hydrated again by adding water which regains its original place in the molecular structure of the phytoplankton. After re-hydration, both the nutritional value and the quality remains exactly the same as the original product. Phytoplankton that is freeze-dried using this special process of lyophilisation maintains it original shape and texture when re-hydrated, unlike air-dried or spray-dried phytoplankton which shrinks and shrivels up, due to the high temperature processing, and this greatly reduces the quality of the end product. Another point to note is that Ethos phytoplankton is "conservation grade" which goes even further beyond organic standards. It is absolutely 100% pure and natural phytoplankton.

Why is phytoplankton better absorbed by humans than fish oils?

Fish oils are not easily digested by everyone, but that is not the only reason why phytoplankton is far superior to fish oils. Two key nutrients (EPA and DHA) only achieve optimum levels of bio-availability for the human body when they are present in the phospholipid portion of the fats (lipid is a fat). Phospholipids are needed to transport the fats into your system, and then directly into your brain. The EPA and DHA in phospholipids (phytoplankton) are much better absorbed than the EPA and DHA in fish oils because they can cross the blood/brain barrier much more easily and effectively. This barrier is designed to protect the brain from most foreign substances, but it allows the transportation of these essential fats from phytoplankton to reach the brain, where they are most needed, far more readily than those from fish oils. Another point of note is that when other marine life eat phytoplankton, or they eat creatures that consume phytoplankton, they use up all of the valuable phospholipids, just as humans do, in order to help transport the EPA and DHA to the cells of their own bodies. Therefore, ordinary fish oils lack this vital phospholipid complex. Also, almost all fish oils are refined, distilled, denatured and contain omega 3 fatty acids in a much less bio-available form than phytoplankton, namely triglycerides which are a completely different kettle of fish!

What is the recommended daily intake of phytoplankton?

It is important to understand that phytoplankton is a completely natural whole food and not a formulated health supplement. However, the nutrition contained in it is very highly concentrated compared to most other human foods. This means that only a relatively small amount is required to achieve its extraordinary health benefits. Recommended serving size varies according to individual requirements but it starts being effective from 500mg to 1,000mg per day. Simply add the powder to water and it immediately re-hydrates again, just like a dry sponge. Alternatively, blend it with fresh fruit or vegetables to make a nutritious phytoplankton smoothie.

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