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Everybody knows that humans need to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body, and it is called a healthy lifestyle. Most people are confident that with a healthy diet and proper nutrition they will live longer and a "high-quality" life. So, partially, it is true, but obviously it is not enough. Here you will find all necessary information on how to improve your immune system in an absolutely natural way. You can find out all the advantages of Ethos Marine Phytoplankton and have a free consultation. No matter who you are, an editor at writing services, a gym coach or a civil servant - all we need to be fit for ourselves.

In case you would like to get much more information about the Ethos Marine Phytoplankton we propose you a short video with Tom Harper commentaries and explanations. Tom is a well-experienced Marine Engineer based in Vancouver Island. He has made a lot of discoveries according to Phytoplankton's benefits to a human's health. In one of his interviews Tom Harper said he is preparing a big online course on a new educational platform Ojowo. He hopes to find more people involved in the marine field and the "treasures" in it. Our team also hopes so.

The Power Packed Nutritional Solution for the 21st Century

An incredible breakthrough in human nutrition has astonished medical experts:

"When you give the body everything it needs to build healthy new cells then you get well."

The blue whale is king of the seas and feeds almost exclusively on marine phytoplankton and a select species of krill which, in turn, also eat phytoplankton. The blue whale can travel hundreds of miles without rest and consumes up to 1.5 million calories a day in order to meet its massive energy requirements. The time is now for mankind to learn the three-billion year old universal secret to health and wellbeing from nature's most complete and nutritious 'super food', marine phytoplankton...

Rhincodon Typus - The Whale Shark

The whale shark is the largest known fish. It reaches 15 m in length, and may reach 18m or more. Its weight can exceed 10 tons. This creature ranges all tropical waters, and infrequently strays into temperate ones. It is mainly solitary in nature, and, despite its impressive appearance, it is harmless to humans. Scuba divers and snorkelers regularly encounter them without coming to any harm. The whale shark feeds chiefly on plankton, but also consumes sardines and anchovies.

Why is Ethos marine phytoplankton so unique?

An eminent and world leading doctor who was educated at Harvard University in the States, and who has over 15 years practice in using energetic medicine to treat thousands of terminally ill patients, says about Marine Phytoplankton that out of all of the products that he has ever seen during his professional life...

'This is the most exciting product I have come across. It contains almost everything necessary to sustain life and build healthy new cells. When you give the body everything it needs to produce trillions of healthy new cells then you get well'.

He also notes that many products work for some people but not for others. He believes this is because the body needs all of the raw materials and critical components at the same time. 'The problem is that we need ALL of them at the same time for things to work'. Another very important reason that makes marine phytoplankton unique and very effective is that it's composed of single cells that bypass the liver and digestive system. This is highly significant and is one of the main reasons that he believes results have been seen so quickly, particularly with critically and chronically ill patients who have sick livers. Many other products took weeks and months to show significant results whereas, with marine phytoplankton, results were being noticed within days of starting to take it.

Marine phytoplankton provides a rare and complete food that gives the body virtually all of the raw materials that it needs, in one single source, to produce healthy new cells and neuro-chemicals for the brain, such as dopamine and serotonum. Because it works at the deepest level of the cell, it seems to work for a wide variety of diseases and imbalances including many chronic illnesses. What makes phytoplankton so unique is the exceptionally high success rate that has been experienced in overcoming a variety of health conditions and chronic diseases, thus enabling the body to heal itself much faster. He believes this is because it contains all of the raw materials necessary, in one source, in near perfect proportions. Like a chemical reaction, various components have to exist at the same time, otherwise the reaction will not happen. He gives the example of the neurochemical serotonum, which requires eight different vitamins and minerals for the body to produce. If just one is missing, the body cannot produce it.

Ethos marine phytoplankton contains over 65 nutritional properties, including all of the amino acids, essential fats, vitamins, key minerals and trace elements, rare anti-oxidants, phospholipids, electrolytes, nucleic acids, enzymes and co-enzymes. It is a living food that carries an electrical frequency that works with the intelligence of the body. It is believed that it's the combination and proportion of elements and nutrients that make hytoplankton so unique and so effective at enabling cellular regeneration and therefore natural healing. All of its elements and electrolytes are almost exactly tailor-made for the human body. We arose from the sea and our internal bodies reflect this with the composition of human blood plasma being almost identical to that of seawater. Our bodies are over 70% water. Ethos marine phytoplankton provides the perfect antidote, in an age of over-reliance on land-based food sources and continuing mineral depletion in the soil and in our food which, in turn, leads to deficiencies of micro-nutrients and trace elements in our bodies. In addition to overcoming mineral depletion, with a pH of 8-8.5, it also works to balance the body's own pH.

Ethos marine phytoplankton also considerably increases the amount of oxygen that the blood can carry around the body. This is a very crucial element for a healthy body and many people have reported that this has also increased their athletic endurance and stamina due to these increased oxygen levels in the blood.

In short, with the harvesting of Ethos marine phytoplankton, we now have an exclusive and complete 'super food' source that can successfully fulfil all of our body's nutritional requirements. Health professionals have termed it 'the world's only complete super food' and it is the most perfect natural food source available today...

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